Free Training Online!

ITS Procurement 

The ITS Procurement course is a 3.5-hour Web-based training that focuses on the procurement stage of the overall acquisition process, from identifying needs to developing a procurement process that helps participants obtain what they need through contractor selection. Course participants learn how to integrate systems engineering with contracting processes and contract management approaches. This course is free to FHWA employees. For more information and to register, go to:



As we all know, training opportunities in ITS are plentiful but sometimes hard to find.  New England ITS members can avail themselves of several free training resources including the following provided by the USDOT ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program.  There are 14 modules that represent the ITS ePrimer and provides transportation professionals with fundamental concepts and practices related to ITS technologies. This online resource (found at can help practicing professionals and students better understand how ITS is integrated into the planning, design, deployment, and operations of surface transportation systems. The ITS ePrimer is both a stand-alone reference document for the practitioner as well as a text for education and training programs.  Each module is provided as text or a presentation format.


ITS Standards

Another very important free training resource from the ITS PCB program is about ITS standards (see  There are now 46 ITS Standards training modules available covering  understanding user needs, specifying requirements, applying test plans, V2I and V2V standards and numerous transit ITS standards.  This is a wonderful resource for New England ITS members and friends.