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T2 Signal Spotlight Coffee & Conversation: Adaptive Signals - April 20th 11am EST

The next Signal Spotlight hosted by the T2 Center is on Adaptive Signal systems.  Guest speakers include ITS-CT members: Fred Eshraghi, Jim Mayer, and John DiBiasi.  Hear from local agencies during the virtual discussion!

Please register using the Zoom Sign-up  HERE


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Message from the President

Dear ITS friends,


I am pleased to announce and congratulate our State Chapter that “ITS-CT is officially 21 years old” and I have the privilege of leading the Chapter for one more year.


The year 2018 has concluded and it is a time for us to reflect on our accomplishments in 2018 and look forward to new challenges and opportunities in 2019. The challenges we faced in 2018 tested our resolve and the Board of Directors to complete many tasks and programs. I enthusiastically believe that we made significant strive and accomplishments in making our Chapter more dynamic and stronger than ever before.  I am pleased to work with such a dedicated and talented group of professionals who work tirelessly to bring new programs and training in ITS technologies, innovations, and products to our members.


ITS-CT has made a number of accomplishments in 2018.


After a very successful 2017 that ended with one of the greatest annual meetings in the history of the ITS-CT, we challenged ourselves and advanced many new and exciting programs in 2018.

We started the year with a comprehensive list of programs including ITS/ITE joint winter meeting, three well-attended Lunch & learns, and our first ITS/ITE/CSCE joint Annual Golf Outing.


Interacting with other ITS chapters was also a hallmark of our vision for regional collaboration in 2018 and allowed us to share and exchange information and new ideas.

We focused in our mission statement, emphasizing the need for applying technology in Traffic Signal Data Sharing, V2V, and V2I for all modes of transportation and we continued to provide training on new ITS technologies, innovations and products for improving our transportation system.


The final and most important part of our mission statement was to bring the local and regional ITS community together. Our 2018 annual meeting had a full day of exhibitions represented by 15 vendors, and a full day of programming with 6 technical sessions and 1 roundtable discussion and 6 hours of Connected Vehicle 201 training presented by FHWA. All of this could not be accomplished without our stellar board and committee members.


But we can’t stop our momentum;

We will continue to host a new series of lunch and learns and participate in winter joint meetings with ITE and 2019 ITE Northeastern District Annual Meeting in spring. We are also planning to partner with the Department of Transportation, University of Connecticut, Consumer Reports, and Public agencies to carry out more training and offer high quality ITS programs.


I look forward to working with you and ask for your continued participation in our programs and support for our organization in 2019.





Carl J. Gandza

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